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As a logo designer, chances are you have quite a few logo assets lying around that were rejected by clients — which means a lot of time and energy gone down the drain. As such, Strong Logos is created as an online marketplace to give these assets a new lease of life. It’s a win-win situation: buyers are able to find a logo that’s perfect for their needs, and you get paid in the process.

UPDATE: Strong Logos has decided to stop their online marketplace


In order to get started, you need to register for an account. Make sure you check ‘I want to become a seller’ at the registration page, and submit a link to your portfolio site; any applications without a portfolio will be rejected. Once done, the team at Strong Logos will review your application and notify you of the outcome through email within a week.

Strong Logos, an online marketplace for logo assets
Strong Logos, an online marketplace for logo assets

Once you have been accepted the seller, log in and you will be taken to the account dashboard, where you can manage your logos and edit your account. Begin by setting your preferred payment method. Strong Logos can process your earnings through either PayPal or Skrill, so you need to have an account on at least one of them to get paid. Payment is usually made within one business day of a sale.

Seller Dashboard on Strong Logos
Seller Dashboard

Now let’s add a logo and its information, starting from the name. Try to make it as generic as possible. For example, instead of “Lassie”, change it to something like “Happy Dog”. While a description is not required, it’s a good idea to describe the logo as much as possible to increase its ranking in the site’s search results. Similarly, having tags will increase the logo’s visibility. Don’t spam though — keep them short but relevant.

The Image Gallery allows you to display the logo design in different ways. You can add mockups, but keep in mind that the first image is always used as the thumbnail, so it’s highly recommended that you go with something simple like those displayed on the site. Also, the page will load slower with more images, so try to have not more than four.

Adding a logo to Strong Logos
adding a logo

Strong Logos states that the Logo Kit must contain:

One (1) .EPS file — compatible with up to Illustrator CS5, vector only (outline type, expand effects, etc.), CMYK document – it must match the first image in your image gallery so that the client is provided with the exact logo that’s advertised.

One (1) .JPG version of the logo.

One (1) .TXT file — this file should have your contact information in case the client will need you to make further adjustments to the logo.

Finally, set a price for the logo. Obviously, you want to make it affordable to attract more buyers, but still make a profit at the same time. Unlike LogoGround, Strong Logos does take a commission of 30% of the selling price; you’re also liable to cover PayPal merchant fees. $200 seems to be the average based on the other listings in the marketplace, so you might want to start from there.

More importantly, the price you charge should include the extra work required for any color or text changes. You will be informed of such changes and have 2 business days to fulfill them — failure to do so will nullify the sale. In the event that the buyer is uncontactable or both parties are unable to reach an agreement, the team at Strong Logos will take over and try to resolve the situation. If you’re determined to be at fault, you’re liable to pay either a 30% penalty or surrender 50% of your next sale to Strong Logos, so be sure to fulfill your obligations to the buyer as best as possible.

And done, the logo will be reviewed and approved accordingly. In particular, they will check to see if the design is original, which means you didn’t use any clip art or steal other’s work. Also, any fonts used must have been acquired legally.


In order to increase the chances of a sale, be sure to actively promote your store through social media or other means.

One more thing — the buyer owns full rights to the logo once everything is finalized. In other words, you can no longer sell it anywhere else. If you do, you will be liable to refund the buyer, pay a 30% fee to Strong Logos and reimburse for any other losses incurred by the buyer.

Strong Logos is one more avenue for you to make passive income as a logo designer, and it’s easy to get accepted as a seller as long as you have a good portfolio. Just be sure to price your work carefully — Strong Logos does take a 30% cut and you will need to cover any PayPal fees.

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