Making Money with Displate as a Freelance Graphic Designer

Displate specializes in posters made of metal called Displates. Resistant to wear and tear, they are pretty popular among buyers and collectors. As a graphic designer, you should definitely consider making money with Displate as a source of passive income.

Steps to Making Money on Displate


Setting everything up is quick and easy. After signing up for an account you will be taken to your Profile page, where you can see the Displates you have uploaded, check your earnings, and more.

My Profile page on Displate

Otherwise it’s just a matter of uploading the artwork you want to sell. However, note that they have to meet certain requirements. In particular, they need to be of high enough quality with the shortest side being at least 2,900 pixels. Displate also recommends that you use a 1.4:1 ratio for your artworks for best product fit. Finally, you must be the owner and have full rights to anything you upload.

Be sure to meet Displate's requirements before uploading your artworks


In order to make money on Displate you have to promote and share your artworks. For a start, you have the option to share them on Facebook and Twitter. It’s also a good idea to connect with the community — like and comment on your favorite Displates, and follow other designers and illustrators. Displate awards social engagement with a Hype system — the more hype you have, the more exposure you gain on their website.

If your artworks are popular and of high quality, they are more likely to be featured and sold by other sellers on their Displays. One of the best ways to increase sales is to create themed collections, since customers like to buy several Displates at once. Be sure to browse the Collections section for more inspiration and see what’s trending.

Gaming Collections are very popular on Displate

A sale nets you a commission of around $3 to $5. You can request for a payout to your PayPal once a minimum of $50 has been accumulated.


I haven’t been very active on Displate, with my last upload being a few months back. Still it’s one of my favorite print-on-demand sites. Even without any advertising I was able to sell 140 Displates and earn around $600 over the past 4 years. Out of them I would say 10% of my artworks account for 90% of my sales.

Also I have always been paid on time and within a couple of days of requesting payment.

My earnings on Displate so far


It’s not hard to earn money on Displate as a freelance graphic designer, especially if you have a marketing strategy moving forward. Better yet, you can even save some trees in the process.

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