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Crated was set up in 2014 as an online marketplace for you to sell your artwork, photographs, and designs. Its focus is on creating a simple workflow so you can make passive income as a graphic designer without any hassle or fuss. The process is very simple: you simply upload your artwork and Crated will take care of everything else, from printing to shipping.

UPDATE: As of 31 July 2017 Crated is no longer accepting new artists


First, create a free account. Once done, you can update your profile, explore the various settings, or go straight to Upload Art. Crated allows you to upload up to five images at a time and add them to your galleries.

Signing up on Crated
signing up on Crated
Upload your artwork to Crated
uploading your artwork

Besides filling up some basic information, you are given the option to change the markups as a percentage that is added to the base cost of each product type. Markups can range from 0 to 300 percent, but keep in mind that Crated takes 20% of the profit from every sale.

Filling in basic information for your artwork
filling in basic information
Customizing the markup and product type for your artwork
customizing the markup and product type

Crated automatically detects the aspect ratio for an image and determines the sizes that can be printed. And that’s it, simple isn’t it?


Crated uses the industry’s best practices to protect your artwork. At the same time, you retain full ownership of all your files, so you can sell them on other platforms with no issue.

Quality is high on Crated’s list. Because the printing is done in-house, they can sell at lower prices while maintaining the best quality possible for their prints. Every piece is handcrafted with pride, using the highest quality materials, inks and archival processes.

The focus on quality extends to the work uploaded on the website as well. Crated curates the best pieces from the most talented individuals, creating unique collections throughout the year for visitors to explore.

Explore Crated's unique collections
explore Crated’s unique collections

Crated is dedicated to helping you show off your artwork. By using dynamic grids in the galleries, Crated not only preserves the composition of every image, but also improves the viewing experience on any device for potential buyers, collectors and curators.

Dynamic Grids enhances the viewing experience on Crated
Dynamic Grids enhances the viewing experience on Crated

An integral part of making a sale is establishing relationships and social networking. Fortunately, Crated has created a solid community that is all about creating, curating and selling; you can browse and curate your favorite pieces by clicking on the heart button that’s displayed on the top right corner of each image.

A simple click adds an artwork to your collection on Crated
a simple click adds an artwork to your collection on Crated

Crated makes it easy to follow photographers, artists and designers; you can share a single image or an entire portfolio on social media such Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Your profile card shows off your artwork and provides a brief introduction about you as a designer. Finally, you are given access to Crated’s marketing tools, with useful tips to get you started.

Your profile card on Crated
your profile card

Crated has clean search engine friendly code, so your artwork will get indexed easily as long as they are tagged properly. While off-site marketing is important, there are ways to improve the visibility of your artwork within Crated, specifically on the front page. How high they are ranked in Crated’s search results is primarily based on the times they are curated by others, how many followers you have, and the number of artwork you have uploaded.

Getting on the front page of Crated
getting on the front page of Crated

If you need help on short notice, Crated’s chat feature is handy and a representative is readily available to help you with any issues.

All in all, Crated’s ease of use and focus on quality makes it a great choice when it comes to making passive income as a graphic designer.

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