Making Money with BrandCrowd as a Freelance Graphic Designer

BrandCrowd is an online marketplace for logo designers to sell unused logos and make money in the process. It’s similar to LogoGround, but with a few notable differences which we will explore later on.

In addition to logos, you can also add domain names and sell them as ready-made branding packages. However, we will be focusing on selling your logos for now.

UPDATE: BrandCrowd has currently stopped accepting designers

Steps to Making Money on BrandCrowd


Making money on BrandCrowd isn’t just about uploading as many logos as possible. BrandCrowd is committed to quality, originality and marketability when it comes to the logos they approve for sale. As such, each logo is reviewed individually to ensure that standards are met. If you want to know exactly what those standards are, take a look at the staff picks, featuring some of the best designs on the site.

Some of the best logos as chosen by BrandCrowd's staff

To sell a logo, go to Sell Logo Designs and Upload Logo. You will first be asked to provide some general information about your logo. Be sure to choose a name that is unique and relates closely with the concept. In addition, a well-written description will help pique clients’ interest, while tags and color will improve searchability. Note that you aren’t given a lot of color choices, so just pick one that’s closest to the logo’s main color.

Since you are using BrandCrowd as a source of passive income, set the status to For Sale. Before deciding on a price, note that BrandCrowd charges a 30% commission on your sales. Finally, choose whether you are willing to customize the logo for the client.

Upload Logo
Be sure to providing as much information about your upload as possible

Next you will have to upload an image of the logo, sized at 325 pixels wide x 260 pixels tall.

Add the main logo image and any variations

Now it’s time to upload the source files, which have to be editable vector files in either AI or EPS. Your logo won’t be approved if you upload it in raster format.

Source files must include at least one vector file to complete your upload

And that’s it. If the logo you uploaded is of good quality, it will be approved within the next day or so and might even be featured on the front page.


Some clients might Make an Offer on your logos and try to negotiate with you for lower prices. In such cases it’s up to you whether you are willing to accept such offers, with the knowledge that they will receive full ownership once the transaction is finalized.

If you agree to customize the logo, the client will likely reach out to you after making the purchase. To make the process easier for you, BrandCrowd has Logo Maker, which allows the client to make basic changes to the text and font before they request further changes from you.

Once the client is satisfied with the final design, BrandCrowd’s service team will validate the transaction to protect against fraud. If everything looks good, payment will be processed and released to your account within 5 business days.

Unlike LogoGround, BrandCrowd does not encourage clients and designers to make any transactions outside of the marketplace. Using BrandCrowd ensures that your payments are secure, your information is kept private and the process is made as smooth as possible for both parties.

BrandCrowd has a number of payment methods, with PayPal being the most reliable (and recommended) choice.

Again, it’s important that your work isn’t copied from elsewhere and you provide quality service to your clients. Failure to do so will likely get your account suspended.


Compared to LogoGround, I have only made 2 sales on BrandCrowd with no advertising before they stopped accepting designers. However, it seemed like they were actively purchasing brands from those who have uploaded their work there — including me. I sold over 15 of my brands to them at around $50 each. I didn’t earn a lot, but considering some of those logos were sitting around for a couple of years I would say I got a pretty good deal.


In the end, BrandCrowd is a good choice if you are looking to make some passive income as a logo designer.

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  1. Norma

    All good but they tend to be overused these days. I mean, they’re getting so big that it works against them, with some of them even rejecting new registrations for certain professions. I’m a sales manager turned photo editor and have found better response at newer platforms like Insolvo.

    1. John Poh

      It’s true that some of these platforms are oversaturated, so I’m constantly looking out for new ways to promote my services. I’ll definitely check Insolvo out. Thanks for sharing!

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