Designing a Vintage Logo in Inkscape

In this tutorial, you will design a simple vintage logo in Inkscape. It’s a very simple process, and involves only typography and the Put on Path feature.

Here are the 2 fonts we will be using here, along with where to find them: Bree Serif and Bebas Neue.

In this tutorial, the Inkscape version used is 0.91



After downloading the fonts, open up Inkscape, choose the Text tool (F8) and enter ‘VINTAGE’ in Bree Serif.


You might notice that the spacing between different letters isn’t as even as you would like. In typography, kerning is the process of adjusting the spacing between characters in a proportional font, usually to achieve a visually pleasing result.

To adjust the kerning in Inkscape, simply click in between 2 letters with the Text tool, then press ALT + the left or right arrow keys to increase or decrease the kerning; use SHIFT + ALT + the left or right arrow keys make bigger changes to the kerning.


Once you are satisfied with the kerning, add 2 more lines of text in Bebas Neue: ‘VINTAGE LOGOTYPE’ and ‘YOUR SLOGAN HERE’. Next, create a circle with the Circle tool (remember to hold down CTRL to lock the proportions so you get a perfect circle).


Select both the circle and ‘VINTAGE LOGOTYPE’ by holding down SHIFT with the Select tool (F1), before going to the Text menu and choosing Put on Path. Lo and behold, the text is now set along the curvature of the circle. Essentially, the text transformation is based on how the line curves and scales, so feel free to experiment for different results.


Don’t worry, you will still to able make changes to the text as per normal, such as changing the font or font size. Similar to kerning, you can move the text along the circle by clicking on either end and pressing ALT + the left or right arrow keys.

An issue with using a full circle is that parts of the text tend to disappear for some reason. A solution is to delete a segment of the circle that you don’t need. First, select the circle and convert it to paths by going to Path > Object to Path.


Next, delete the nodes on the lower half of the circle since we want the text on the upper half. Select the 2 nodes on the each side of the circle, choose the Node tool (F2), and click on Delete segment between two end-point nodes. You will get something like this:


Once done, shift the text to the middle of the curved line and increase the kerning so the text takes up more space. Repeat the same steps for ‘YOUR SLOGAN HERE’ using the lower half of a circle.


Unfortunately, the text seems to be on the opposite side of where we want it to be. Select both the text and circle, and go to Path > Reverse. Much better:

Now it’s just a matter of adjusting the kerning and customizing the design to your preferences. Once you’re satisfied with the result, be sure convert all the text to paths. If you try to scale the design without doing so, the text will act in erratic ways. Give it a try and you will see what I mean.

Finally, remove the circle outlines, add some colors, and you are done!

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