My Road to $10,000 a Month (Week 9)

The first week of July hasn’t been off to a good start. I did earn some money, but much less compared to last month. Looks like I will have to explore more income avenues and ways to reach out to clients going forward.

Here’s the breakdown:

Source of IncomeAmount Earned ($)
Design Projects964.12
Passive Income (POD)4.90

JULY 2020 WEEK 9 (1 July to 7 July)


I only received a handful of projects this week even though I was on the same routine as last month. In fact, half of this week’s earnings came from just one project. The client is looking to design a set of playing cards for an app they are developing, and commissioned me as their designer.


After getting some feedback about my portfolio site on Reddit, I realized that I haven’t done any site optimization, resulting in slower than average loading speeds. Consequently, I have enabled Cloudflare and various optimization features on my cPanel. While it previously took around 8 seconds to load up a page on desktop as measured by GTmetrix, visitors can now access the same page in around 3 seconds — more than a 200% increase in loading speed.

If a site responds slowly, visitors spend less time there. As such, don’t underestimate the importance of optimizing your portfolio site.


I have been going through my print-on-demand sites and reediting the products so they look better. For example, Redbubble has triblend tees set on default, but with limited color options I found it hard — almost impossible — to match them with my designs.

One of my recent designs has been doing quite well, with sales every few days.

That concludes the ninth week of my road to $10,000 a month as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. As you can see from my earnings breakdown, I have to work much harder this month in order to reach or surpass last’s month’s earnings.

How did you fare this week? Comment below!

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