My Road to $10,000 a Month (Week 8, June Overview)

The last week of June has been a bit disappointing. Even though I included 2 more days to cover the whole month, I didn’t earn as much as the previous 3 weeks.

Here’s the breakdown:

Source of IncomeAmount Earned ($)
Design Projects1,084.79
15 (in ETH)
50 (in BTC)

JUNE 2020 WEEK 8 (22 JUNE TO 30 JUNE)


While a few projects came in, I wasn’t paid as much as I would like since most of the clients had budgets of around $150. My biggest paycheck was from finalizing the single page design for the real estate business that I took on a couple of weeks ago.

This project also introduced me to Figma, a collaborative interface design tool — and now one of my favorites due to its accessability and ease of use. Since I was working with a web developer, Figma allowed me to share the file with him easily.


Much of this week was spent updating my past articles. I have also included my earnings so far on print-on-demand sites such as Redbubble and TeePublic. Going forward, I will be adding visuals and new articles, with the goal of making this site a ultimate resource for anyone looking to make money online as a freelance graphic designer.


As June comes to a close, my total earnings amount to , with the majority from design projects. Most of the clients still come from the promotion of my services on Reddit. Here’s this month’s breakdown:

Source of IncomeAmount Earned ($)
Design Projects5,345.98
Passive Income (POD)50.90
Blog Advertising3.87

June was definitely better than May — though still a long way from my goal of $10,000 a month. Furthermore, my earnings for the last week has dropped compared to the previous weeks, which is a cause for concern. I will be exploring more ways to reach out to more potential clients about my services in July.

How did you fare this week? Comment below!

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