My Road to $10,000 a Month (Week 6)

The second week of June was good in terms of earnings. In fact, I earned twice as much this week compared to the same time last month, thanks to a number of well-paying projects.

Here’s the breakdown:

Source of IncomeAmount Earned ($)
Design Projects1,413.44
5 (in BTC)
Passive Income (POD)23.40

JUNE 2020 WEEK 6 (8 June to 14 June)


I haven’t done anything that differently from the past few weeks, but projects have been coming in. One of them is a $500 logo project for an adult game studio. While some might be adverse to working with NSFW content, I feel that freelancing as a business is about having as wide of a client base as possible.

Last month, I posted an ad for my logo design service on a local online marketplace for home based businesses. Interestingly enough, the owner actually contacted me to design the logo for their website. He was very pleasant to work with and the project was quite an enjoyable experience.


I mentioned last week that I will be trying out Google Ads. Well my ad went up on Monday, and so far the results were pretty disappointing. I was pretty confident since I took the time to research long tailed keywords with low competition using the Google Keyword Planner. I will leave the ad running for another week, and if there is no improvement I’ll probably move on to other forms of paid advertising.


I have started posting regular updates on Google My Business as well, in hopes of attracting more potential clients to my portfolio site.


This week I added a number of my past designs to Spreadshirt. If you aren’t aware, Spreadshirt has recently upgrade its interface, making it much easier to upload and create products.

That concludes the sixth week of my road to $10,000 a month as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. Hopefully the momentum for this week continues.

How did you fare this week? Comment below!

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