My Road to $10,000 a Month (Week 15)

I have been busy settling down at my new place and haven’t promoted my services much for the past week. Nonetheless my earnings weren’t too bad and slightly above expectations.

Here’s the breakdown:

Source of IncomeAmount Earned ($)
Design Projects1209.65
Passive Income (POD)40.18

AUGUST 2020 WEEK 15 (16 August to 22 August)


I finalized the logo project for the client that was introduced to me by my business friend two weeks before. We went through quite a few iterations before they were satisfied, but overall the experience wasn’t too bad. Until now my clients are mostly from the United States and Australia, but I will be sourcing for more local clients.

That concludes the fifteenth week of my road to $10,000 a month as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. Things are mostly set up at my new place and I will be refocusing my efforts on promoting my services from next week.

How did you fare this week? Comment below!

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