Hosting Your Portfolio on SiteGround as a Freelance Graphic Designer

Your portfolio site probably won’t need much resources when it comes to web hosting. As such, you can pretty much go with any web host provider that’s half decent and not have any issues. That said, I would highly recommend hosting your portfolio on SiteGround. The site has been around for more than a decade and garnered many positive reviews from customers over the years.

A Quick Guide on Hosting Your Portfolio on SiteGround


If you are new to web hosting and development, you will require as much help as possible — and customer support is where SiteGround shines. Since downtime and technical difficulties are inevitable, it’s imperative that you choose a web host provider that provides great support so any issues are resolved as soon as possible.

Many competitors are lacking in that regard. By contrast, SiteGround goes above and beyond to take care of their customers’ needs. Their representatives are knowledgeable and will do their best to resolve your problems quickly and efficiently, while providing advice that is easy to understand.

SiteGround provides fantastic support to their customers

Technical support is available 24/7 through live chat, phone and email, so you can receive personal assistance no matter where you are located. In most cases your issue can be resolved almost instantly — no wonder they constantly achieve nearly 100% customer satisfaction rates.

SiteGround's pricing plans

SiteGround has a shared (StartUp) pricing plan at just $6.99 a month. It’s catered specially for less demanding users, with all the essential hosting features for you to set up your portfolio site. You also get a free domain for one year. However, it’s not recommended to register domains with your provider due to the trouble of having to transfer domains if you decide to change providers. Instead, consider domain name registrars such as GoDaddy or NameCheap.

With SiteGround having a 99.9% uptime and fast servers, clients will be able to easily access your portfolio site anytime of the day.

SiteGround is also committed to making websites faster and safer. To that end, they have invested in technologies such as SuperCacher to reduce loading speeds, as well as downtime prevention software that identifies server issues and fixes them in real time without human intervention. Hardware and software are constantly upgraded for optimal performance.

In short, you are really getting your money’s worth of security and speed — all in one affordable package.


After subscribing to a plan, you get to choose which server to host your portfolio site, with the choice of any of their 4 data centers across 3 continents. As such, you can maximize your site’s loading speeds depending on where most of your clients are located.

From there you can choose to develop your portfolio site from scratch using HTML and CSS. For the beginner, SiteGround gives you the option to use a Content Management System (CMS) such as Joomla and WordPress. In addition, the site has in-depth tutorials that guide you through the process of building a site with either Joomla or WordPress.

SiteGround’s dashboard is intuitive and easy to navigate, so you always know where to go to manage your accounts and get support.

SiteGround's dashboard makes it easy to manage your sites


With high-quality and reliable service, even for shared hosting, SiteGround surely won’t disappoint, and is my top recommendation to host your portfolio site on.

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