Category: Starting Out

  • Creating a Conducive Workspace

    One of the joys about freelancing is that you can work wherever you want. In fact, all you really need is a laptop and a decent wifi connection. You might even be tempted to work straight from bed.

  • Defining Your Target Market

    In order to succeed as a freelance graphic designer, you have to figure out who you are targeting. With a limited budget, you only have so much to spend on marketing. Furthermore, trying to get your services in front of everyone means competing with established professionals and design agencies — which is a battle you […]

  • Getting Your First Client

    As a freelance graphic designer, having a plan of action and creating your portfolio is only the first step — finding people to actually pay for your services is where most of the work begins.

  • Payment Matters

    You have to take extra care when handling and settling payment for a project, especially as a freelance graphic designer. If you don’t, then the time and effort you invested might be for nothing. After all, you rely on such projects to pay the bills, so don’t take payment matters for granted.

  • Pricing Your Services

    You are your own boss as a freelance graphic designer, which means you have to price your own services. The question is — how much should you charge?

  • Planning for Success

    As a freelance graphic designer you are considered self-employed and have to take up the challenges of working for yourself. It also means you are basically exchanging time for money, with income based on when a client decides to hire your services — which is a scary prospect, especially if you are used to the […]