A Quick MyPaint Guide

MyPaint is an open-source drawing program with a streamlined user experience, making it easy to create sketches without clutter. But don’t be fooled by its lightweight interface — it comes packed with features for all kinds of drawing, whether it’s a rough pencil sketch or digital

Tools of the Trade (Business)

Being a freelance graphic designer is not just about creating quality designs — you also need to take care of the business side of things, such as accounting, time tracking and communication. Such tasks will require a lot of your attention, but they are necessary to keep your business running as

Tools of the Trade (Graphic Design)

The Adobe Creative Suite is the industry standard for the professional graphic designer, offering the world’s best creative apps to unleash your creativity. Most people are probably familiar with Photoshop and Illustrator since they are two of the most popular Adobe

When to Start Freelancing

The thought of freelancing is a daunting one. After all, you are sacrificing the security of a steady paycheck for a chance to freedom and passion. Freelancing is essentially a business, so you have to handle it like one, from securing clients to filing taxes. In the end, freelancing is a big