Category: Achieving Success as a Freelancer

  • Keeping Up with Design Trends

    As the world of graphic design constantly changes, it can be difficult to keep up to date with the newest design trends. And it’s not just the latest visual styles you have to worry about — even the current tools and software you are using might not be as useful a few months down the […]

  • Taking a Break From Freelancing

    Freelancing seems like a dream come true — you call all the shots and have the freedom to pick and work on projects according to your preferences. But with all its perks being your own boss could be a curse as well. On one hand, you could have so many projects lined up that you […]

  • Overcoming Uncertainty as a Freelancer

    Being a freelancer is filled with uncertainty. One moment you are earning good income and handling multiple projects, the next you can be in the red due to a lack of clients. However, that doesn’t mean you just accept things as they are. If you can reduce the risks of freelancing, you will be that […]

  • Avoiding Bad Clients

    Most clients are great to work with — but it’s inevitable that you will meet your fair share of bad clients. Here are some red flags to look out for so you know which ones to stay away from.