Making Money with Design By Humans

Design By Humans is an online store that empowers artists by giving them opportunities to make money from their designs through their own online storefronts.

To apply as a store owner on Design By Humans, you have to first submit your portfolio, which should contain at least 10 designs that are suitable for print. Once your application is approved, you will be able to activate your store and start selling your designs.

Featured Brands

Over the years, Design By Humans has teamed up with brands such as Star Wars and Marvel, so you can now create Darth Vader and Iron Man designs without running into copyright issues.

Also, your designs do not have to be exclusive to Design By Humans, which means you’re free to sell them elsewhere.

Add Product

Select Product Type

Upload Image

Let’s submit a design by going to Add Product. From there, you can select a product type before uploading the image file. You can choose to use the template provided by Design By Humans, but a single PNG (in highest quality) will suffice for all product types.

Change Color and Placement

Choose Your Model

You can then change the color and placement of the products. For apparel, there’s also the option to choose your model.

Finally, add some details about the design and it’s ready for submission. Note that each submission will be checked and approved by a staff member (which usually takes within 24 hours) before it’s put up for sale.

After your first design is approved, your store will truly be up and running. You will earn a commission for each sale you make, ranging from $3 for t-shirts to $8 for art prints.

Your Dashboard

Payment for cleared sales is made via PayPal on the first business day of every month. You can also check Your Dashboard to check the sales you made for the month so far, as well as what and when your next payment will be.

What's Trending

If your designs are particularly good, your store will likely get featured on the front page, as well as on Design By Human’s social media and newsletter. For inspiration on what sells, you can always look through designs that are trending or best sellers. Of course, it’s also a good idea to do your own promotion, be it through social media or elsewhere.

You can expect a lot of competition when it comes to making money on Design By Humans. However, if you can create eye-catching designs and market them well, it can definitely be a source of passive income for you.

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