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Shawn Barry has been in the creative industry for over 20 years. His knowledge really shows in his videos, which are comprehensive and informative. If you want to learn about the fundamentals of graphic design, then his channel is a great starting point. VIEW CHANNEL


Ana Marta - 1Ana Marta - 2Ana Marta - 3

Get a glimpse at the life of a graphic design student from Portugal. Ana Marta’s channel is filled with fun videos as she pursues her dreams and passions. VIEW CHANNEL


Swerve - 1Swerve - 2Swerve - 3

Watch Swerve as he creates bold and stylish designs on his channel. Although his tutorials are based around Photoshop and Illustrator, it’s not too hard to adapt the same techniques to programs such as Gimp and Inkscape. VIEW CHANNEL


TastyTuts - 1TastyTuts - 2TastyTuts - 3

TastyTuts is a channel to inspire creative minds created by Gareth David. His current project is a beginner’s guide to graphic design that will span 45 episodes, so be sure to check it out. VIEW CHANNEL


Nick Saporito - 1Nick Saporito - 2Nick Saporito - 3

Nick Saporito’s channel is a great learning experience for any graphic designer who’s using Inkscape. Be amazed as he churns out amazing logo designs that are on par with those done on Illustrator. VIEW CHANNEL


Becky Knickead - 1Becky Knickead - 2Becky Knickead - 3

Becky Kinkead is a freelance designer who makes videos on design things, with a focus on the creative process. For something less serious, feel free explore the vlogs and reviews on her channel. VIEW CHANNEL


Creatnprocess - 1Creatnprocess - 2Creatnprocess - 3

Creatnprocess guides you through the process of designing logos and more. It doesn’t matter what programs are used, as long as you can understand the techniques and creative thinking that go towards the final product. VIEW CHANNEL