Earnings for May, 2017

My earnings this month were 3,264.54 USD. I noticed that around 60% of my projects came from Twitch streamers, since I started advertising my services on the Twitch subreddit. It also highlights the importance of diversification so your freelancing career is sustainable in the long run.


Earnings for April, 2017

Recently, a user on Reddit recommended that I post a monthly income report so as to increase my credibility, which I feel is a great idea; it also gives me a chance to review my goals and objectives for success.

In total, I have earned 3,076.92 USD this month, with almost all of my income coming from projects. ~$10 came from passive income; I’m looking to promote my designs as a brand, so hopefully I’ll have more success next month. Furthermore, I didn’t get as much work as I would have liked, probably because it’s tax season.